Thursday, November 4, 2010

WoW Talents v2.14

WoW Talents 2.14 has just been uploaded. This is a big update; included are a number of bug fixes and the return of the armory query function, which has been significantly improved. You now search for a character, and select the one you want, exactly like the armory itself. It's quite a lot easier to use. Enjoy! As always, notify me of any issues and I'll get them fixed asap. I thought a lot about make the query function a Pro-only function, but in the end decided against it. Everyone can use it. Please help me justify all the work I do on this app by purchasing the Pro version!

2.41 Changes:
-Armory query is back in a significantly improved form. I debated about making it a Pro-only feature, but in the end decided to make it available for everyone, so I hope more of you will buy the Pro version!
-Various minor bug fixes and tweaks.

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