Saturday, October 23, 2010

WoW Talents 2.12 - Glyphs

Version 2.12 was uploaded to the market this afternoon. Glyphs have been added! There may be compatibility issues with existing saved specs (especially Druid since a nonexistent talent was removed), but most of them should work. On a side note, I truly hate realizing there's a spelling error after I update. Nonexistant should be Nonexistent. Gah! Oh well, I'll let it sit.


Version 2.12
-Glyphs added for all classes. As always, email me if there are any problems.
-Removed nonexistent talent Overgrowth from Druid\'s Balance tree. This may cause existing spec files to be corrupted.

Version 2.11
-Masteries added for all classes.
-About alert now only shows up once. It can be viewed again in Menu->About

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